Boilers of liquid and viscous materials
Συντηρητές Γάλακτος (Παγολεκάνες) - Milk Cooling Tanks

Milk Cooling Tanks

IST is the 1st choice in milk cooling tanks

Μέλλον: ο ουρανός είναι το όριο / Future: sky is the limit

Future: sky is the limit

Commitment to become all the more better, in order to be able to cover all your needs

IST Proffesional Staff

Proffesional Staff

We work with the best, to give our clients the best

IST Technology


Sophisticated design software and innovative solutions for all our customers.

IST Fidelity


The relationship of trust with our customers is our primary concern.

IST Quality


All our products are certified according to European standards CE and ISO 9001:2008

What makes Inox Steel Technical unique, besides the high quality machinery, are some unique qualities of the PEOPLE that are driving this company.

At Inox Steel Technical, we are proud not only of our skilled and experienced personnel but of our advanced production department as well.

Inox Steel Technical is a company that stands next to the customer at every step and ready to offer its services wherever and whenever requested.

Feta cheese Processing Line
Inox Steel Technical - Γραμμή παραγωγής φέτας
Milk Cooling Tanks
Inox Steel Technical - Milk Cooling Tanks ( Milk Refrigerators) Open Type,  mod. I.S.T. A4 500-2.000lt
CIP Systems
Inox Steel Technical - CIP
Transport tanks
Inox Steel Technical - Milk transport tanks

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