Quality has name… INOX STEEL TECHNICAL

INOX STEEL TECHNICAL is a Greek company specialized in manufacturing machinery for diary and food industry. Established in 1984 by A.Kapnopolis and S.Papafloratos, has a strong presence of 28 years not only in domestic market but also abroad. Within the last decade, INOX STEEL TECHNICAL tends to become one of the most stable and fastest growing companies in its field.

More specifically, INOX STEEL TECHNICAL is specialized in constructing tanks, mixer machines, milk coolers, boilers and other containers and transport tanks that can be used either individually or connected in the automated processing cycles. Moreover, INOX STEEL TECHNICAL is able to face and solve additional problems such as stirring, cooling, thermal insulation and the automatic cleaning that other companies do not have the expertise to do so. As a result, our company is the most reliable solution for any customer, even the demanding one.

Our premises are consisted of the construction department, the company’s offices and the customer service department. We, therefore, invite you to come visit us, show you how we work and discuss your needs on a more personal level.

The main goal of INOX STEEL TECHNICAL is to build a long-lasting and trustful relationship with our customers and offer them satisfactory and economical solutions. Value for money, services and technical support as well as innovative technological solutions are only some of our services.

Quality has name… INOX STEEL TECHNICAL
Quality has name… INOX STEEL TECHNICAL (1)
Quality has name… INOX STEEL TECHNICAL (2)
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Inox Steel Technical - Kapnopolis Michail

Kapnopolis Michail

Mechanical Engineer, Department of Design and Planning


Company Milestones

The company was founded in 1984 by Anastasios Kapnopolis and Spyros Papafloratos with the vision and passion for creating innovative and reliable machines in the food and dairy industry.

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The relationship of trust with our customers is our primary concern.

We work with the best, to give our clients the best!

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