Isolated Milk Storage Tank With Jacket And Agitation

Inox Steel Technical - Isolated Milk Storage Tank With Jacket And Agitation

Construction material: AISI 304stainless steel, with certificate of origin.

The silo is vertical type with inclined bottom and jacket for circulating cold water (glycol) to maintain the product at low temperatures, made entirely of stainless steel and is based on independent legs.

Additional accessories:

• Healthy type aerator with removable lid and perforated plate 2,5x52 mm.

• CIP system with washing ball AX40 total bore diameter 40 mm, with holes of diameter 1,5 mm, 28,5 mm connection pipe and thickness 1,5 mm, with active radius 1800mm by water supply at a pressure of 2,5 bar 3.000 lt/h per ball.

• Waiting in stainless steel nipples or DN or SMS fittings installed on the roof with antifoam product inlet system.

• lifting unburied for large tanks.

• Coupler to adapt thermometer.

• Waiting for staircase surveillance.

• Ladder supervision.

• Sampler.

• External level sight glass.

• Heat transfer jacket on the body of the tank.

SKU: Isolated Milk Storage Tank